Saturday, November 7, 2009

A hand grenade.

I just took blogger id because I knew I would blog sooner or later, also I was worried that someone might take up So since I don't have anything to write about now, I thought I will post a story which I had written in 1998-99.

WTF, I thought, is he driving an auto or flying a plane? I was on my way to college from home, on my cycle, on ring road in JP Nagar. The road is full of huge pot "holes", for lack of better word. Well, along with flying autos, the ring road hosted BTS buses as well, whose drivers were "caught in a wrong job" instead of racing in F1. Even buses flew for few microseconds in ring road, like their smaller counterparts. I almost swore I won't come in ring road again, but I always do. I have more reasons to dislike ring road than the pot holes, I will come to that later.

I went to college surviving the ring road and did what all others do in college. While coming back, I came through main gate, which is in opposite direction of my house. Our college has two gates, one for pedestrians, which is kind of unofficial, and another for vehicles. I took the one for vehicles, since I was proud about my 5 geared cycle. On my way, my cycle was not shifting to a lower gear, so I looked down towards the chain to figure out what is wrong, I suddenly thought something is wrong, a fraction of second later, I had bumped into an auto which was in front of me. The auto driver had stopped auto suddenly in mid road because some one had flagged him. It does not matter if some vehicle is behind you. Well, since it was my mistake to look down without stopping the cycle, I apologized to him. As soon as I apologized, he realized that there was a "bharka" who apologized after an accident instead of starting a fight with him. So he found that there has been considerable damage to his auto, because of me. He said that the rear bumper, which is thick iron angle, has broken because of my cycle. It would cost Rs. 2000. Then I had to go back to blame game, stating that he was at fault since he had stopped the auto in the middle of the road. Our altercation was growing as some of my classmates who came out of pedestrian gate and saw our fight. They came in as a group and asked me, "What happened dude?", from across the road. The driver got cold feet, he just told me to ride carefully and before my friends crossed the road, he left with his auto. I smiled within, thinking about my Alsatian dog, which attacks anything that is frightened. As soon as the animal turns around and faces my dog, it just stops and looks for some help. I thanked my classmates and continued my ride towards home.

One more reason I dislike ring road is the houses on its either side. Most of the houses are build on 200 by 200 site, in (now) prime location in Bangalore. I have not seen many people in those houses and I know at least one of them, which belongs to a previous generation Kannada actress is empty. Why will these people build such big houses and not even stay in them. What is the "need" for such big houses. There is no place in Bangalore in which middle class can build a house. All because of these sick b......s. Is house a necessity or some form of opportunity to show off their wealth? I was riding along with these thoughts running in my mind. I saw a similar house, but this time with a empty site beside it. There was construction going on in the next site. A
mason who apparently was working on the construction site was peeing in the vacant site. The security who was guarding this house saw the mason, and started to shout at him. The mason took it coolly, finished his work and went on to construction work. Security as well as the resident, who was watching all this were furious. I was amused at the problems the ring road residents face.

Further up the road, I saw a true Mansion. It was huge and large lawn in front with perfectly moved grass. I see this every day, I feel angry everyday. It had three cars parked in the porch. One car was out in the road, driver waiting for the owners to take them somewhere. A woman, whom I can call Queen, two kids, were coming down the huge garden towards the car. The Queen was quite good looking but for a scowl in her face. She was wearing a lot of jewellery. She came with the kids, who were excited and were discussing about the rides they will try in fun world.They were urging their mom to move faster. In the gap between the huge gate and the Mercedes which was parked on the road was a beggar. His hands were wrapped in cloth to hide some form of disease(leprosy?). The beggar came near the gate to ask for some money from the Queen and the kids. The Queen was enraged, she called security to shoo him off. Before the security could come upto gate, the beggar had already pleaded her to to give some money. The Queen somehow managed to squeeze between and sat in the back seat of the car along with her kids. I scowled at them, thinking that they will be spending much more that Rs 100 just on petrol to go to Fun world. They won't mind paying Rs 40 for a 5 min ride on dashing cars there. They can't just give a rupee to a beggar. Had I had a hand grenade, the palace, the lawns, the cars in the porch, everything including the beggar would have been in ashes. Not having a hand grenade, I just gave a rupee to the beggar and moved on towards my house.

There is a STD booth on my way to my house. Since my parents do not stay in Bangalore, if there is anything my father wants to tell us, he would call the booth and inform the guy there, Krishna. Today, indeed my father had called, I thanked Krishna for the message and called my dad from the booth. My dad asked us to take a day off and come to Arsikere on Thursday. We could go to Mysore on Friday and stay for weekend in Mysore. Watch Dasara in Mysore and can come back to Arsikere on Tuesday. I thought it was a good idea, since I could bunk college officially for a day and go to Mysore. I always liked Mysore.

Once I went to Arsikere, we had new idea, we thought we can go to shivanasamudra,
then to talkad. Then we can be back to Mysore, watch dasara and then come back to Arsikere. Friday morning all of us were excited, discussing about how far each one of us will get to sit in the front seat and who will sit in the middle rear seat etc. We reached Mysore by 9:00 in the morning. We had breakfast in Mysore, in a drive in restaurant near Yuvaraja college. We set off to shivanasamudra. It was beautiful falls and Asia's first hydro electric station, but by 3:00 pm, it was far from our thought, primary thought being hunger. We went to a restaurant near the falls for lunch. After lunch we bought some biscuits, coke etc from the store in front of the restaurant and went to our car. My dad was still paying for the food, so we all sat in car waiting for him. Shivanasamudra being a tourist place, harbored a lot of beggars. Some kids who were begging there, saw us sitting in car and started towards the car. My mom said "Lock the car doors and raise windows, they are coming towards us". I could hear a grenade go off somewhere ...

PS: The socialistic thoughts I got were inspired by the novel "Bandaya"(
ಬಂಡಾಯ) From Vyasaraya Ballal(ವ್ಯಾಸರಾಯ ಬಲ್ಲಾಳ)